Episode 105


Utah man invites homeless to set up camp on is front lawn

Main Topic: 

Resources to learn more about the perspectives of the marginalized in our church and the world in general: 

LGBTQ community: 

Listen, Learn and Love podcast

Questions from the Closet podcast

BYU Devotional by Eric Huntsman


Neylan McBaine’s book “Women at Church”

“Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings” by Joanna Brooks and Rachel Hunt Steenblik

Sarah Bessey’s “Jesus Feminist”

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s “A House Full of Females” 

Dr. Julie Hanks IG account 

Single Women: 

Rosie Card’s IG account 

People of Color: 

Exhaustive list provided by YoungMormonFeminists.org

Immigrants and Refugees:

Those with untraditional families: mixed race, mixed faith, divorced, step, adoption, disabilities: 

Those who are going through a faith crisis/journey/transition:

Patrick Mason’s “Planted”

Thomas McConkie’s “Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis” 

Terryl and Fiona Givens’ “Crucible of Doubt” 


What you can do: 

  1. Peruse the many resources linked here to listen and learn in order to love and understand. 
  2. Share our podcast episodes and IG posts about these groups and issues on your own social media feeds or with people in your circles who you would like to help understand these perspectives.   
  3. Be more vocal yourself. Standing up for the marginalized may be unpopular or uncomfortable in certain circles (which is crazy!!), but if we truly believe it is what Christ would do and DID do, we should be able to call on Him for courage and strength to 

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Rachel Parcell’s triple berry pie recipe

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Sharonsaysso IG account and her monthly Government for Grownups class

Inspiring Sister 

Incredible Black women in history