Episode 73

News Story

Hollywood Oscars

South Korean woman resigns as a daughter-in-law 

Main Topic

What are you and me most likely to argue about?

Finish this sentence, I have more _________ than anyone you know.

If I am texting someone, who am I most likely texting?

What is something I do that drives you bonkers?

How do I  prefer to have my eggs cooked?

Who is better at handling money? You or me?

If I  could be on any game show, which one would I pick?

If I have music on in the background, what type of music is it?

Describe in 3 words, the first time you and I met?

Where did we go on our most recent date?

What type of clothing am I most often wearing?

What would I request as my last meal?

Favorite Things 

Cheese Grater

Hanging Note Roll

Sheet Pan Sugar Cookie Bars

Ghiradelli Brownies

Lasting App

Spotify Playlist

Inspiring Sister 

Septima Poinsette Clark, Bessie Coleman, Josephine Baker