Season 4

Episode 69 – Our 20 in 2020

Episode 70 – Why Habits Are Better Than Goals

Episode 71 – For the Members in the Room: Phrases We Need to Let Go of at Church

Episode 72 – Utah’s Gender Equality Issue

Episode 73 – Middle-Aged Version of the Newlywed Game

Episode 74 – How to Control Your Teenager

Episode 75 – How to Talk to Your Teens About Sex with guest Alisha Worthington

Episode 76 – Parenting Adult Children with Guest Host Megan Sowby

Episode 77 – How to Talk About Politics Civilly

Episode 78 – 6 Women, 29 Children, and 145 Years of Marriage

Episode 79 – For The Members in the Room: Home Church During Covid 19

Episode 80 – Cooking in Quarantine: From Shopping to Mealtime

Episode 81 – Tips From a Woman Who Lived a Year in Quarantine

Episode 82 – Interview with a Covid 19 Patient

Episode 83 – Will Your Family Relationships Survive Quarantine?

Episode 84 – Making Peace with Conflict with guest Georgia Anderson

Episode 85 – For the Members in the Room: How to Seek Heavenly Mother

Episode 86 – Pros and Cons of Coming Out of Quarantine

Episode 87 – Why Allyson is Moving to Minnesota

Episode 88 – Return to Love: Allyson’s Dad’s Passing

Episode 89 – The Pros and Cons of Introverts and Extroverts

Episode 90 – For the Members in the Room: Confronting Our Racism

Episode 91 – For the Members in the Room: Correcting our Racism

Episode 92 – Defining Moments in Our Lives

Episode 93 – Getting out of a Marriage Rut… Again

Episode 94 – For the Members in the Room: What NOT to Say to Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth…Still

Episode 95 – Credible Info vs. Hogwash: How to Vet Your Sources in 2020

Episode 96 – Moving Beyond Black and White Thinking in a Polarized World

Episode 97 – For the Members in the Room: Can a Good Member of Our Church Be a Democrat?

Episode 98 – How Being Bold Makes All the Difference with Guest Jessica Frew