Episode 65

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10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We’re Stealing for Ourselves

Top Thanksgiving Recipes in Every State

#3 Green bean casserole from Every Thanksgiving side dish, ranked

Uno removes red and blue cards to keep Thanksgiving ‘politics-free’

Main Topic Table Topic Questions

Like the colonists who left England in the early 1600’s what do you think it would be like to leave behind everything and start over?

The first American Settlers had to find a way to sustain life in their new communities. Tell us about your first job.

Can you remember someone thanking you for something you didn’t realize was special or extraordinary?

The first colonists in North America were willing to sacrifice everything to set up colonies for religious and political freedom. What causes in your life would you be willing to sacrifice for?

Which teacher in your life do you appreciate the most, and why?

When and where was your most memorable Thanksgiving and why?

If you could start a new country, what would be your first and most important law?

Is there someone’s recipe for a Thanksgiving dish that you look forward to every year?

Thanksgiving is an occasion to celebrate change and growth. How have you changed in the past year?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Favorite Things

Birchbender Paleo pancakes

Maca Powder for smoothies

Eddie Bauer rainboots

Little Feminist Puzzle

Clothes Steamer

The Soldier’s Wife

Inspiring Sister

Wilma Mankiller